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What I am grateful for today: My sister


I can’t believe the day has finally come that I get to share KCA with my sister, Dr. Horton, who is also a neurologist.  What are the odds?  She’s extremely smart and as hard working as I am.  I can barely wait for her to start later this year.  Our personality types are also very complimentary for a biz (I am ENTP and she is ENTJ– Myers Briggs personality types).  Even crazier, only 2% of females are ENTJ.  So she is a rare bird. She will be able to contribute to KCA in a way I cannot, and vise versa.  I have no right to complain about anything (even though I do because I get tired and aggravated like everyone else). But I have taught myself ways to keep my vibrations elevated and I no longer allow the negativity of patients an other people infect or affect me (my success rate isn’t 100% yet, but it’s over 50% now- up from 0%).  I just release negative people and patients so I have the energy to focus on the many, many patients that are grateful for my service, my husband’s service, and the service of the KCA staff.

I’m a work in progress (as is KCA, by extension). You should be too.