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I’ve decided to apply the old adage “physician, heal thyself” by starting a daily blog.  Hopefully this “doctor’s blog” will be cathartic, and help me achieve some level of contentment and peace.

So here we go.

Today was difficult. It was an administrative day, which starts with a staff meeting of all employees from both locations.  I had to remind most of my staff the reason we work as hard as we do; and the reason one employee must go, maybe two… or three.

I have to let an MA go that i care about a great deal. She has worked for me for almost the whole time I’ve been in business (six years). She is loyal, funny and I enjoy her company.  But what have suspected for some time now (but didn’t want to believe) was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt today.  She does not care about people.  I found out orders I had placed as far back as February for procedures patients need to stop their pain were not even started.  I also found out the person that should have been supervising her was only asking if she had completed her tasks, but clearly never verified a single thing.  

I feel duped and extremely disappointed. Why did i let her work for me for so long? Why doesn’t she care about the patients, or the business or ME? Surely if she did, the rest of the staff would not have spent the ENTIRE day trying to fix the mess.  It will take the rest of the week to fix it.  She put us all in a very difficult position. 

And on top of it all, a patient that I’ve known for years was rude to the most patient and kind person I know.  Someone that was trying to help her.

Trying to stay positive.. I’ve decided to focus on the three invaluable employees that do “get it” and try, once again, to hire better.
I think I will start a gratitude journal.  I don’t want to bitch blog every day.  That’s depressing…




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