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Do I need a referral to get an appointment with KCA?

If you are planning to cover your visit through your health insurance provider, it is recommended to first check with your carrier to see if a referral is required to be seen by our providers. For example, HealthSpring requires a referral.

What do I need to bring to my first visit?

Please bring your current insurance card, referral and precertification paperwork (if applicable), new patient forms (available via website or by following the link below), a current medication list, and any pertinent medical records.


Can you send me a bill for my co-pay if I cannot pay you at my appointment?

Per your contract with your insurance provider, it is required that you pay a co-pay at the time of your visit. An ATM is available on the first floor of the hospital. If you do not have your co-pay at the time of your visit, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.

What do I need to bring to follow up visits?
  1. Your current/up to date insurance cards.
  2. A list of your current medications, their doses and how you take each medication (i.e. two tablets twice daily, or one tablet three times daily)
  3. Any priority questions you have for your doctor or practitioner. It’s easy to get caught up in conversation because we enjoy seeing you; but the doctors have a limited amount of time per appointment. Please make sure you make it clear your “must answer” questions as soon as you can. Once the doctor leaves the room, they have moved on to the next patient and won’t be available for further questions.
May I leave paperwork for a doctor to complete and pick it up later?

03a38862Unfortunately, no.

We require paperwork completion in the context of an appointment only.  This allows the patient to be involved with the completion of the paperwork so both parties know that it is completed to the satisfaction of the patient. Remember, once paperwork is signed and faxed; it cannot be changed. Completing paperwork WITH the provider (and then reviewing your completed paperwork prior to faxing it) is the only way to be certain all questions are answered accurately and to your satisfaction.

What is your appointment policy regarding missed appointments?

We ask that you give 24-hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment so that we may offer the slot to another patient. Our non-cancellation fee is $50.

May I get my test results over the phone?

2011-12-08 20.25.28If you call for a copy of your results prior to your scheduled follow-up visit for the results, they may be provided, but without the doctor’s interpretations/recommendations. A follow-up appointment should be scheduled approximately 3 weeks after a visit in which new tests are ordered. During this visit, your tests such as MRI(s) will be reviewed with you in detail, recommendations will be made, and you will have the time to ask your doctor questions regarding the results. Our clinical assistants do not have the training or the authority to explain results or make recommendations. This must be done in the context of a visit.

If any test result received requires immediate action, you will be called by the doctor personally. Examples of this would be an MRI demonstrating a brain tumor or a recent stroke. If the results are abnormal, but not urgent (or normal), they will be discussed at your next visit.



How do I get my prescriptions refilled?

Refills should be requested the time of your visit. Please know which refills you need when you arrive at your appointment.  If this does not happen, or if your appointment is rescheduled, please call your pharmacy and ask them to send us an electronic refill request for any and all refills needed. Please allow 2 business days for all prescription refill requests to be fulfilled by this office.

You must be seen at least yearly for any non-controlled substance refill request; and every 3 months to refill any controlled substance.

May I speak with a provider on the phone?

It may seem like a simple request, but our neurologists and practitioners Dr. Campbell explaining MSsee patients that have appointments during the day, and afterwards have documentation to complete, nurse questions to answer and reports/results to review.  It simply is not feasible for them to talk to patients on the phone during other patients’ scheduled appointments. Your questions are best handled during visits, but if something comes up between visits, our staff will take your call, relay any simple medical questions to the doctors and return to you with the response from the doctor by the end of the day. If the question is too complex to resolve while the doctors are seeing patients with scheduled appointments, you will be asked to make a follow-up appointment to discuss your issues.

Where are you located?
What are your hours?

We are open in Franklin and Clarksville, Monday- Friday from 8 am to 430 pm.