TEXT us 615.281.5235 for an appointment or call 615.550.1800 and leave us a vm request. Thank you!

Accepted Insurance Carriers

If your carrier is not listed and you need an appointment, please call 615.550.1800 and ask for billing.

(Private payment at time of service happily accepted as well)

Insurance not accepted at KCA

Blue Care (TNcare)                                                                            Health Scope Community Plan

BCBS Network E                                                                                 Humana Medicare

BCBS Advantage Plus HMO                                                             First Health

BCBS Bluecard (TNcare)                                                                  Amerigroup

First Health                                                                                         Tricare Prime

BCBS letters ZECM                                                                            Workman’s compensation


TennCare Letters ZECM

United Health Care Policy numbers proceeded by “JD” designation

Medicaid (primary or secondary- meaning if you have a Medicaid card AT ALL we cannot service you)


Insurance Companies that require a Referral




To get a referral your PCP must agree to send our office a referral number in writing as well as the number of visits allowed.  Without this referral number, YOUR insurance company will not allow us to service you.

Tri West

Champ VA

(Anything from the VA  requires a PA)