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About Dr. Campbell

Our neurologist Dr. Gretchen Campbell has practiced in Franklin, TN since 2003.  She specializes in several areas of neurology, including seizures, migraines and multiple sclerosis; but she sees patients will all neurological conditions. Dr. Campbell believes micro-specialization limits access to care. For this reason, she chooses to take care of all neurological conditions.

I’m Gretchen H. Campbell, MD

Born and raised in Birmingham, AL the first born of educators; I always knew I would become a doctor.  My mother is a retired school teacher of 30+ years who made this declaration to me at the age of 2.  I have a brother that served 22+ years in the Army and now owns a diagnostics lab company in TN, a sister who is also neurologist (in Maine) and another brother who is a bit of a free spirit in Texas. My husband is an electrical engineer, who transition from that career to manage KCA in 2015. Our daughters are currently in college, one attends the University of Miami, the other attends Texas Christian University. We have been empty nesters since 2017.

Medical School Education

Medical Doctorate received from Meharry Medical College

Undergraduate Education

Bachelor of Arts in Microbiology from the University of Alabama

Neurology Residency

Completed Residency in Neurology At Virginia Commonwealth University

Neurology Practice

Co-founder of KCA Neurology

“The first duty of the physician is to listen, the second is to educate- then, and only then – may he justly prescribe.” – Gretchen Campbell, MD