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What is KCA 2.0?

KCA 2.0 delivers traditional medical advice in an efficient, commonsense and unrestricted manner. The efficiency and flexibility of KCA 2.0 is made possible by the elimination of the contractual, regulatory and actuarial obligations to insurance companies.  Like any other industry on the planet, you take care of your bill the same day, and you know the price before you walk in the door.

Who joins KCA 2.0?

KCA 2.0 members are caregivers, college student patients, rural patients, patients that live long distances from our offices, patients with limited mobility, people that want absolute medical privacy, patients that want service delivery flexibility, people who want cost transparency and patients who prefer to take care of their bills at the time of service to prevent surprise medical bills.

Take a look at the spotlight members below.

KCA 2.0 Client

” It’s a struggle at times to get my mom to her appointments. I’m so grateful for KCA 2.0″

KCA 2.0 College Student

“Now I can see the doctor from my dorm!”

KCA 2.0 Rural

“I have to take an entire day off to prod dad out for his appointments and then drive all the way from Dickson. I am SO grateful for KCA 2.0 Client”

Need more reasons to join KCA 2.0?

Take a look below.


Don’t believe the HIPPA hype. Medical records are public to corporations as soon as we send them to your insurance company.  You are the only one that cannot seem to get your records anymore.

eVisits with KCA 2.0

Follow-up eVisits from the comfort of your home, office, during travel or from the moon. You decide.

No surprise bills with KCA 2.0

With KCA 2.0, you pay when you make your appointment online. No wasted time at the front desk or surprise bills in the mail months after your visit.

Online appointment scheduling

No need to call us. With KCA 2.0, you can make or change your appointments online.

Pricing Transparency

With KCA 2.0, the prices are transparent and true.

On Time Appointments

With KCA 2.0, your appointment time is actually your appointment time. How?  When appointment are made online, how much time is needed is selected by the patient/client and strictly followed; so there are no surprises that results in delays for everyone downstream.

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