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Our Story


KCA Neurology – In the beginning…

KCA opened its doors in early November 2008 after its founding doctors left Vanderbilt University after their six year tenure as Associate Professors of Clinical Neurology. The founding doctors of KCA felt a strong desire to provide medical care in the context of the entrepreneurial model. Unfortunately, one of the two founders left after only 18 months; but despite this potentially crippling setback, KCA remained strong. Not a single employee of KCA was laid off. This was in the face of losing a doctor responsible for covering 50% of the very high cost of running a medical business.

The remaining founding doctor knew offering care in the entrepreneurial context would allow greater flexibility for providing access to care. As a corporate neurologist, patients routinely waited 3-4 months to see Dr. Campbell. After opening KCA, changes were made to the appointment model, reducing wait time to three weeks. Most notably, if a person has an urgent need, KCA will see that person on the same day. KCA continues to work to improve the patient experience. In the winter of 2013, KCA partnered with Southern Practice Consultants and Lean Office to improve the experience of patients at KCA.

KCA Neurology – the next chapter

Through a mutual contact, our founder was made aware of a need in Clarksville, TN in 2013.  The migraine specialist there wanted to retire, but did not have a good plan for the continued care for the patients she had served for over a decade.  The challenge was increased by the fact that few neurologists are trained to inject botox or perform any other procedure for headaches that she offered.  Ours doctors are. In addition, many of her patients did not have the resources to travel to Nashville (much less Franklin) for care.  A decision was made to stretch the resources from the Franklin office to serve the needs of Clarksville, TN.  Many growing pains ensued, and many lessons were learned with taking on the responsibility of nearly 2,000 new patients. But true to our mission, KCA staff make the drive from Franklin to Clarksville, TN three days a week while continuing to take care of the over 5,000 patients that receive care in our Franklin office.  The people of Clarksville (and Franklin) have been extraordinarily patient during the growth of KCA to care for more people.  KCA plans to hire at least 2 additional doctors this year, and Clarksville will have coverage 5 days a week once more providers have been hired. KCA appointed its first COO to address the new operational needs of the business.

KCA started out as an idea, just like all small businesses.  There have been ups and downs.  But our mission remains the same: ”Hire the best to provide the best”.  We believe that the small businesses model is the most flexible way to do this.  In the era of Obamacare and big business taking over small medical businesses every day, this is an increasingly difficult challenge.  But it is a challenge that must be met with vigor, if we are to remain true to our mission.


“Risk more than others think safe. Dream more than others think practical. Expect more than others think possible. Care more than others think wise.” – Howard Schultz, Founder, Starbucks


A Digital Agency

KCA adopted electronic medical records at it’s inception. We are a “paperless” company.  We are consistently compliant with government requirements and consistently meet all meaningful use standards.

Forward Thinking

KCA Neurology is a leader in the small medical business community. Founder of FEMPRO and the SMBA, KCA is actively involved in keeping care accessible, affordable and in the hands of doctors and their patients.  We not only disagree with socialized and commodified medicine, KCA is actively involved in finding and implementing solutions to keep small medical businesses viable.

Problem Solvers

KCA has the best diagnosticians in middle Tennessee.  Problem solvers by nature, our doctors and nurse practitioners use their years of training and experience to solve medical problems hundreds of times a day.

Customer Support

KCA understands that patient care extends well beyond what happens in the exam room.  The Patient Expericence Hotline was created by KCA to address the non-medical, administrative needs of our patients. This completely new concept in the small medical business industry allows you to spend all of your exam room time focusing on your medical needs.