KCA Neurology update

KCA Neurology is aware of the threat of COVID-19 and we are implementing measures to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff.
1. All employees are required to remain home if experiencing acute respiratory symptoms and/or fever until they are free of a fever for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medications. Employees exposed to individuals with these symptoms are also required to remain home.
2. Our providers mitigate the risk to our patients by adhering to hand hygiene practices before and after patient encounters.
3. We perform routine environmental cleaning of our workplaces such as doorknobs, desks, and patient beds.
4. Per CDC guidelines, we recommend that our elderly and immunocompromised patients avoid crowds, avoid non-essential travel, disinfect your home, keep space between yourself and others, wash your hands often, avoid touching your face, and ensure that you have adequate supplies and food. Have food and items brought to your home, if needed. If you require a medication refill, please contact us to see how we can accommodate your health needs.
We are continuing to provide patient care until further notice. We ask that if you are acutely ill or experiencing respiratory symptoms, you text or call to reschedule your appointment. Thank you for your cooperation in minimizing the risk to the KCA Neurology community.

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