AbbVie RADIUS-P Trial for Progressive MS

Girl with PPMS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive disease that can disrupt communication between the brain and the body, hindering people’s ability to do many things they were once able to. That’s why we’re studying an investigational drug called elezanumab – to understand if it could be safe and potentially effective in impacting physical function in people with MS. An investigational drug is the potential treatment we want to learn more about. It hasn’t been approved for use outside of this study.

If you are 18-65 years of age, have a diagnosis of progressive MS with consistent MRI(s) and symptoms, have not received steroids in the past 6 weeks, have no major illnesses in tandem with MS, and are able to travel to the site each month for a visit lasting 3-6 hours, you may be eligible for this trial.

The randomization for this trial is 1:1:1, with a higher chance of receiving investigational product as compared to a typical 1:1 placebo offset trial. At each clinic visit during the treatment period, you would receive an IV infusion of your assigned investigational drug (either elezanumab or the placebo). These infusions generally take between one and a half and two hours. You would also complete several assessments to monitor your health. These vary from visit to visit but can include blood and urine samples, physical tests and questionnaires.

At three visits, you will have an MRI scan. These scans take around 50 minutes but are necessary to understand if and how your investigational drug is affecting you.

During certain weeks in the study, you will wear a small biosensor. This collects basic physical information like your daily step count to help us understand how active you are in your everyday life. The biosensor sticks to your skin and can be worn in the shower and during your normal activities.

All study activities are financially covered by the sponsor, including your MRIs. If travel services are required to participate, this is covered by the sponsor as well. This trial will last about a year and a half, with visits every month or so. 

Enrollment is now closed.

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