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I am a patient with a compromised immune system. Can I still come to my appointment? Can I still go to work as long as my place of employment is open?

Working from home

KCA Neurology is still open during regular business hours and has the resources to we need to provide a safe and environment for both our patients and staff. Medical Practices, hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores and similar are considered life sustaining businesses. Other businesses have adopted their own attendance policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic […]

Do you have any advice on how I can avoid this virus given my compromised immune system/age?

Per CDC guidelines, we recommend that our elderly and immunocompromised patients avoid crowds, avoid non-essential travel, disinfect your home, keep space between yourself and others, wash your hands often, avoid touching your face, and ensure that you have adequate supplies and food. Have food and items brought to your home, if needed. If you require […]